Space Odyssey Dreams Take Flight

2:06 AM

I'd never thought Washington would be more than a mere political state where all things historical and political take place. Just spending about 36 hours in this state was a challenge being able to learn that tons of themed museums can be enjoyed for free. There's the Museum of Natural History and art museums, but nothing beats the thought of getting a comprehensive trip to where it looks like an Interstellar Behind the Scene: The Smithsonian Space Museum. 

Our tour guide mentions that this museum is the bigger picture of a 7-year-old boy's bedroom. This even made me wish I go back to being 7 and come to this place (and making a stand that Barbie dolls aren't my thing). The museum has several themed "caves" where each tells a story on Space, Aviation, Time Travel Theory, Skies and Constellations and Navigation.

It was all jaw-dropping with the almost life-sized rocket ships, vintage planes hanging around the ceiling, space wall art, miniature imitation models of space and moon rocks. M O O N R O C K S. I was wondering the whole time what actually happens when moon rocks are exposed in oxygen.

I got myself a NASA patch and a Sky Map for my bedroom because 0Nly hIpStErS LiKe MoOn StUfF. And who says things like these are for hipsters only?

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